Matt’s bud Lloyd…

Matt was assigned a project last quarter where he had to write a formal letter to someone he admired.  His letter was written completely void of any input from parents, siblings, or friends….

Thursday October 4, 2007
Dear Mr. Carr:

I am a sixth grade student at Brecksville Broadview Hts. Middle school. I am a Michigan fan, which is awkward because I live in Ohio. I get called names in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade hallways. But I just ignore them because I know that Michigan is a better team then Ohio State. I just wanted to compliment you on all your hard work and time that you sacrificed to make the team the best they can be.

The loss to Appalachian State did not really matter to me because I had hope that we would come back and win three in a row. One of my family members works up at University of Michigan, which makes me happy. I get a lot of Michigan products from her.

Say hi to Mike Hart, Mario Manningham, and the rest of the team for me. I hope some day I could go to the University of Michigan for college. I look forward to hearing from you. Never give up, have confidence, and most importantly GO BLUE!


Mattthew Siegman

Within a couple weeks, Matt received a signed black and white photo from his new bud Lloyd. This was probably one of the last signed artifacts by Lloyd Carr before announcing his retirement.