El clave de la siesta me está llamando…

I’m not a big fan of Florida.  I’m even less of a fan if you have to drive there.

This year with work schedules, football camps, band camps, and any other activity that sucks the brief summer away, I procrastinated in organizing a family vacation.  When all else fails, and across the U.S. the neon sign flashes “no vacancy,”  there’s always Midnight Cove.  This condo / resort is located at the lush, south end of Sarasota known as Siesta Key.  We’ve been there twice before, 2001 and 2004, and always been satisfied.  It’s like the Carrabba’s about 1/2 mile from our condo.  Not flashy, but good consistent food and service – all at a fair price.  (We’ve eaten at Carrabba’s all three visits. We’ve eaten at  Sonny’s BBQ each time too.  But Sonny’s is more of a quest or an odyssey to see if their food improves.  Maybe next time.)

Fortunately, we used some airline vouchers I had from accumulated from business travel which offset the cost of flying for the family.  It was refreshing to arrive in 3 hours opposed to driving 21.  And sadly, we witnessed the crippled aircraft at Tampa International that Billy Mays debarked for the last time.  All this excitement was worth the price of flying.

We did two new excursions this year along with the standard pastimes of beach combing and thrift store shopping.  The John and Mabel Ringling Estate / Museum is a definite stop for any art aficionado or garden club member.  Very interesting and meticulously maintained.  Our second new venture was visiting with Lenore’s Uncle Richard and Aunt Kit.  We haven’t seen them in a number of years and it was time well spent.  Uncle Richard taught the boys a new dice game called Perudo, and it’s one of those simple moments they will always remember.

In a pinch, or strategically planned, I would recommend Midnight Cove.  Quiet, safe, relaxing.  Fly – don’t drive, and bring your dice.