Mr. Stinky comes to town

Call it impulsive, but this year I wanted a project to help me get through the hideous season known as winter. What better way to keep the spirits bright than to find a vintage bike that could use some restoration. Used bikes in general are overpriced due to rising fuel costs. Most of the time, sellers are getting top dollar for junk – just ask anyone who went to the Vintage Motorcycle meet at Mid-Ohio this year.

Craig’s List is a great research tool for finding just about anything you want. But like other on-line listing services or auctions, it can become addicting. I found myself logging on to Craig’s list several times a day to see the most recent posts under “motorcycles.” After several e-mails and personal viewings (most of the time the sellers pictures were better than reality), I made an offer on a 1976 Suzuki GT250. This bike is not a collectors dream, but is relatively simple to navigate and parts are still readily available. The only issue is this is a two-stroke machine. Very smoky and smelly – so much that in the early ’80’s, the EPA outlawed two stroke import motorcycles because they could not meet emission standards. My wife labeled our new addition “Mr. Stinky” because of his ability to quickly fumigate the garage.

Regardless, it’s a great project bike. I have already rebuilt the carburetors and done some minor cosmetic work, but the big task will be over the next 4 months. I’ll update with pictures and text as this project progresses.