Blue Collar Hipster Tour

What do you call it when you mix a very accomplished graphic designer with 250 assembled hipsters (248 not counting Matt and myself), all gathered in a Lakewood, Ohio bowling alley / bar / concert hall?  Aaron Draplin’s “Pretty Much Everything Everything Book” Tour.  

Matt and I were entertained for about 90 minutes listening to Draplin speak on his design work, the production of his book, personal anecdotes, and his disdain for Donald Trump (in a light-hearted sort of way).  No question, Draplin has one of the most divers branding and graphic design portfolios circulating today.  His simplistic approach and thought process in executing assignments is commendable. And, his merchandise marketing is genius.  What makes him even more interesting is that a good part of his work was done for fun – not project or commission based.

Draplin speaking at Mahall’s 20 lanes on Madison was the ideal venue. It brought back some late ’70’s flashbacks when I worked just a few blocks away as an offset press operator.  The smell of ink solvent in the mornings and shooting pool at lunchtime.  Don’t remember much after that.

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