Hard work pays off

Yes – I’m one of those proud parents that probably inserted himself too much in this process. But when faced with the competitive world of college football recruiting, you need to assert yourself or you’ll just have the memories of Friday nights at the high school stadium. The bands, the cheerleaders, the pageantry, all the football parents wearing school jerseys, your kid announced on the P.A. for recovering a fumble – I will certainly have very fond memories of this. I’ll also remember my freshman son fetching water bottles on the sidelines for the varsity squad because of a silly injury.  And, I’ll remember the agony of watching that same son tear his ACL – on his first play – in the first game of his sophomore season. Good times – not always.

The attached document simply validates that hard work pays off. The content is a confirmation of what has been suggested hundreds of times. It’s a journey, a learning experience, and an opportunity to share experiences with anyone who wants to advance their chance of playing college football – in spite of the odds.

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