The trials of Andy…

Over the last year, Andy has been under the tutelage of Uncle Deano regarding the sport of motorcycle trials riding. Andy’s interest in motorcycles and the precise maneuvering skills that are required with this style of riding, have kept him involved with research, practice, and even producing school projects on the subject.

He bought the appropriate riding gear with his own money, and has volunteered as a trials “checker” at the 2010 American Motorcycle Association’s Vintage Days. On August 6th, Andy and Uncle Deano traveled to Toronto, Ohio to assist in setting up and overseeing a regional trials event. This event attracted many riders at various skill levels from the eastern U.S. and served as another opportunity for Andy to sharpen his trials techniques. He did so, even on a greater scale, by competing in the junior youth category. In his first ever competitive trials event, Andy won his class, and received deserved recognition from his peers.